Produttori del Barbaresco

While listening to Aldo Vacca on I’ll Drink to That! podcast, of course, I had to reach into the cellar and commit an infanticide and open up a 2014┬áBarbaresco to […]

RN74 Valedictory Visits

My burgundy journey started in 2009 at this restaurant that opened right beside the building I worked in SF with a name that at that time held no meaning for […]

Single Thread Farms: Sonoma Heaven

Single Thread Farms based out of Healdsburg, California is one of the newest and most acclaimed table-to-farm restaurants to open recently. Reservations here have been tight and finally, had a […]

Crus and Villages of Barolo

Barolo is one of the world’s most stern, tannic, full-flavored wines, offering aromas of road tar, leather, bing cherries, tobacco, and dried herbs. Massive and intensely fragrant, it can easily […]

Drinking a Coche-Dury

Coche-Dury. The name that for some wine-lovers invokes a wonderment that can be explained in words that will make religious preachers think twice about what they are selling. There are […]

Crus and Villages of Barbaresco

Barbaresco is also made from the Nebbiolo grape, but is generally better balanced and a bit lighter than Barolo, with less tannin and more fruit. In great vintages, the wines […]

Tastings - Melville Winery

Had a chance to taste wines from Melville this past week at a event at Flatiron Wines. The tasting was quick & efficient with the Sales Manager Kurt Ammann. The […]