Hi. My name is Ravi Kalaga. This site is dedicated to my passion around wine and trying to understand the world of wine; collecting wine to drink for hopefully a couple of decades and document my journey around it. I am not sure where exactly this blog will evolve into but this is a start.

I grew up in India with never having had a sip of wine till I left the country at the age of 22. I don’t remember when I had a first sip of wine but it would have been somewhere in CT and not a very good one at that. After moving to California; I had the usual tastings around dinner/thanksgiving but nothing that stood out.

In December of 2013; my wife & I went to Napa for the new year weekend and we had a chance to taste a 2005 Godspeed Cabernet Sauvignon & 2010 Vincent Girardin Pouilly-Fuisse both of which made us take notice of wine for the first time. They were different; they had character but mostly, we felt an emotion drinking those wines.

Fast forward to 2015 and after drinking a whole lot of unremarkable wine & wine that was supposed as per the points & reviews but ones that I could not connect with; we took a vacation to Europe and had a chance to spend close to 5 days in Burgundy. This was a turning point in our wine journey.

I will talk about the Burgundy experience in a whole lot of detail in the coming posts but that experience gave me a new confidence to not being afraid of wine lists at a good restaurant again; having the ability to converse intelligently to sommeliers & wine store owners but mostly; opened up a part of life that I was missing – a passion to pursue and a field to study & learn.

Fast forward to today; I have been incredibly fortunate to having the opportunity to make some really good friends in the wine world in the Bay Area; spend some great time at some really fine wine stores like Bay Grape, Kermit Lynch,Flatiron Wines, Paul Marcus & Arlequin but also understand what makes a wine standout from the rest of its peers.

My attempt with this blog is to not review or score wines necessarily that I drink or like (I believe it will eventually happen a lot) but mostly talk about my connection to a particular wine/vineyard/winemaker/estate or a region. I will also try to put down my thoughts on my cellar which in the last 6 months had gone from 4 bottles to ~ 120 bottles & a period of 6 months of tasting more than 250 wines.

A side but relevant note – I am a vegetarian which in itself does not matter much but in the context of wine is significant as wine is in my belief incomplete without food. But due to the historical, cultural & regional constructs – vegetarian diet & wine – are not as evolved as they should/can be. I will be exploring this side of the story as well.

Stay tuned & cheers.