April 2017

The Zinfandel variety is California’s flagship grape, like Sangiovese is to Italy and Malbec to Argentina. The grape makes bold wines with fruit flavors that, at their best, can be among the most diverse […]

Tempranillo is Spain’s prominent red grape, pushed to the forefront of Spanish winemaking by the increasingly popular wines of Rioja. It has been called Spain’s noble grape. Although Tempranillo is […]

Whereas Nebbiolo is prominently a Piedmont grape, Sangiovese is Tuscany’s contribution to the great wine heritage of Italy. Ageable, flavorful, and perfectly rounded yet powerful, it is probably best known […]

Nebbiolo is an Italian red grape probably most known for making up 100% of the ruby-red Barolo DOCG, a highly respected wine appellation made in the Piedmont area of Italy. […]

Malbec’s ascent from near extinction to one of the world’s top red grapes is unparalleled. Small and dark, the grape itself takes to warm climates and produces wines with high […]