RN74 Valedictory Visits

My burgundy journey started in 2009 at this restaurant that opened right beside the building I worked in SF with a name that at that time held no meaning for […]

Single Thread Farms: Sonoma Heaven

Single Thread Farms based out of Healdsburg, California is one of the newest and most acclaimed table-to-farm restaurants to open recently. Reservations here have been tight and finally, had a […]

Crus and Villages of Barolo

Barolo is one of the world’s most stern, tannic, full-flavored wines, offering aromas of road tar, leather, bing cherries, tobacco, and dried herbs. Massive and intensely fragrant, it can easily […]

Drinking a Coche-Dury

Coche-Dury. The name that for some wine-lovers invokes a wonderment that can be explained in words that will make religious preachers think twice about what they are selling. There are […]

Crus and Villages of Barbaresco

Barbaresco is also made from the Nebbiolo grape, but is generally better balanced and a bit lighter than Barolo, with less tannin and more fruit. In great vintages, the wines […]


The Musigny vineyard, which lies completely within the grandiose village of Chambolle-Musigny, is among the best places for Pinot Noir in the world, along with the most exclusive and expensive […]

The Zinfandel variety is California’s flagship grape, like Sangiovese is to Italy and Malbec to Argentina. The grape makes bold wines with fruit flavors that, at their best, can be among the most diverse […]

Tempranillo is Spain’s prominent red grape, pushed to the forefront of Spanish winemaking by the increasingly popular wines of Rioja. It has been called Spain’s noble grape. Although Tempranillo is […]

Whereas Nebbiolo is prominently a Piedmont grape, Sangiovese is Tuscany’s contribution to the great wine heritage of Italy. Ageable, flavorful, and perfectly rounded yet powerful, it is probably best known […]