November 2016

There is a much less well-known limestone escarpment in Burgundy, aside from the Côte d’Or. Known as Côte Chalonnaise, it lies directly south of the Côte de Beaune and thus has inferior […]

Known for: Small production of high quality dry and off-dry Riesling with some reds as well. White v. Red Breakdown: 75% white, 25% red Top 3 Grapes: Riesling (28%), Müller-Thurgau (12.7%), Red […]

Known for: Along with Mosel, one of the most famed Riesling regions in the world. Riesling is the most important grape here. The wine styles vary based on vintage and […]

Known for: Huge production, warm climates, and improving dry Riesling. A place of excellent value and innovation that isn’t too far from Alsace, France – in geography or style. White […]

Known for: Being the most famed Riesling region in the world. Mostly off-dry Rieslings grown on incredibly steep slopes in slate soils. Peachy, honeyed, floral, citrusy wines with a little […]

Piemonte (Piedmont) occupies most of northwestern Italy, bordering Switzerland in the north and France in the west and almost reaching the Mediterranean coast. Its capital and largest city is Turin (Torino). […]

The country of Italy is steeped in wine tradition. With over 1,000 indigenous grape varieties, it is no wonder that all regions in the country have a rich tradition with […]