October 2016

California’s wine growing regions produces unique and diverse wines, with different flavors and characteristics being derived from the soil, climate and the winemakers that create them. Ranging from abundant sunshine […]


The Cornas region is a top place for varietal Syrah. The name is Celtic for “burnt earth”; as a result of the hot climate, the region has long been one […]

Outside the Côte d’Or, the main outpost for white Burgundy is in the very north of the Burgundian geographical designation, so far north that the vineyards border Champagne and hail […]

The Germanic-influenced region of Alsace, located at the northeast tip of France, is the home to France’s best Pinot Gris, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer. Alsace is like no other region in France in that […]

Beaujolais is the home of some of the most flavored fruity red wines in France; made from Gamay, the wines are known for being light, refreshing, and easy to drink with […]